The Opto-Pacifist Abides.

My friend and her daughters are out of Gaza. But freedom comes with a very heavy price. Being torn away from everyone you love, family and friends, is not easy. Knowing that you are now safe and they are not is like a dead weight sinking you down and fast into the deep dark sea. Suddenly you don’t want to be safe. You want to be dead.

I have tried to write something over and over again this past week, but the invasion / destruction / annihilation of Gaza has kept my heart and focus there. I was talking to someone about this and casually mentioned that I’ll start blogging again as soon as the Israeli government stops bombing…

What an idiot I am.

First of all, a deep-rooted fear and madness resides within the Israeli government. Will they ever stop bombing? Will they ever stop with the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians? At some point ceasefire will be called and then the whole Qatar or Egyptian money thing will happen—people are already placing bids on who will rebuild Gaza, there is lots of profit to be made here. Then there will be a lull… and then the whole cycle of violence will start again.

So, no. I can’t stop writing. I cannot wait for Apartheid Israel to stop bombing in order to pour words to the screen. However, out of respect to Palestine, out of respect to Gazans, I will not blog about art and life until ceasefire is called.

I consider myself an optimist. Actually, a Pacifist-optimist. Yes, I’m digging the labeling these days. However, even though I am an opto-Pacifist, I am not stupid. I can tell you that this region will continue to broil and burn for the next few decades, or centuries. For as long as the world continues to rely on oil and gas, instead of the abundance of nature. And for as long as the world continues to be governed by fear, hatred and suspicion.

So much has happened so quickly in the past few months. It’s not going to calm down any time soon. There is “a plan.”

I am predicting more massacres in Syria. More displacement and division in Iraq. More genocide in Gaza… while the world leaders sit back and watch and start counting the billions of dollars pouring into their secret bank accounts. Deals have been made. Why else all this silence?

I will find the courage to start writing about art again very soon– there is so much I want to share with you. I have undergone a transformation in the past few years and my work, my new work is asking for acknowledgment.

There is no separation between art and life. No separation between violence and the brutal Israeli government. No separation between this keyboard and my heart.

I will not post graphic images of the carnage around me because you are seeing enough of that on Facebook / Twitter and Instagram. Please keep sharing all the news and articles. Shame on you Western media for your cowardly reporting. Israel, do you really think all these pictures and posts on social media are simply going to vanish when you’re done with your annihilation of Gaza? Too many images. Too many witnesses. Too many deaths. You will be held accountable for eternity for your brutal and deliberate murders of innocent women and children. Violence is not the way to peace. Peace is the way to peace. But now you revealed your true nature to the whole world- peace is not what you want. 

A lot of friends have been asking me “how can we help”. I truly believe the BDS Movement is a great way- The global movement for a campaign of Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel. It worked in South Africa. It is non-violent. It started years ago and is building serious momentum. And it hits the core- money. Without money, there are no weapons. Without weapons, no wars. Ultimately, it is you dear American friends who can make a real difference- your tax money has helped create a genocide. A simple google search will reveal how much of your hard earned cash is being used to kill innocent children. You can not turn a blind eye to this anymore. Your money destroyed my city in 2006. Your money is creating the biggest open grave in the world- the Middle East.

Mosul, Gaza, Aleppo, Jerusalem- ancient cities, as old as mankind, on a downward spiral because of human greed. Historic land and cultures being butchered- same mistakes being repeated over and over again. I don’t believe in any religion, but that of love. Let us find the path to our hearts again, united by a sky that knows no borders. No more wars, no more wars.

I want to try and continue to surround myself with light. I want to share positive thoughts and ideas with the world so that we don’t forget our humanity. So that we don’t forget all the goodness we are capable of. So that we don’t forget that at the end of the day, we are all sisters and brothers. Made from the same flesh and blood. Made from the same light.

Once upon a time, we all lived side by side, in peace. I long for that day to return and I believe it will happen- maybe not in our lifetime, but if we sow the right seeds now, we give a chance for our children to sit in the shade of the trees we planted together. I will never give up on love.

There is hope. There is hope too…

Love is the answer. Peace is the path.

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