Hello World!!

The year is 2012.

The year of the Dragon.

Also supposedly the end of the world.

A time of rebirths… A time for ziggydoodle.com to go to sleep, a time for zenaelkhalil.com to wake up. I have very much enjoyed the past 10 years at ziggydoodle, and I will always be a ziggydoodle… but… something inside me has changed and the dragon is ready to come out. I am a Fire Dragon, which means double the trouble!

I stopped my previous blog, beirutupdate.blogspot.com, 6 years ago, but I am looking forward, through my new website, to start blogging again– mostly about what I’m up to in Beirut, thoughts about art and literature, and the state of the world today…

I am looking forward to being connected to the web again via blogging. Thank you to all who were following me and sending positive messages during the devastating 2006 invasion of Lebanon. I’m here and still alive!

More on all this soon….!


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