The Opto-Pacifist Abides.

My friend and her daughters are out of Gaza. But freedom comes with a very heavy price. Being torn away from everyone you love, family and friends, is not easy. Knowing that you are now safe and they are not is like a dead weight sinking you down and fast into the deep dark sea. Suddenly you don't w... Read More

ISIS, the World Cup And Everything In Between.

A few nights ago, England and Italy went to war over a ball. A few hours later, ISIS went to war for oil, bread and God. Right now, the Middle East -- my part of the world -- is dramatically changing by the second. The games are great opium for the major crisis around us. By the time the winning tea... Read More

Hello World!!

The year is 2012. The year of the Dragon. Also supposedly the end of the world. A time of rebirths... A time for to go to sleep, a time for to wake up. I have very much enjoyed the past 10 years at ziggydoodle, and I will always be a ziggydoodle... but... so... Read More
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